And all I got it's a weary, weary life
Who would be a drinking man's wife
Who wanted all this trouble and this strife
Who but a silly woman

Hush, wee baby, for your daddy's coming in
Stumbling up the stairs and missing every one
Rotten with beer and stinking of gin
He's drunk again as usual

Hush, wee baby, for he's coming in the door
Drunken big feet skyting o'er the floor
He's had a bucket but he's thirsting for more
He doesn't know when he's beaten

Hush, wee baby, listen to him sitting there
With his bloodshot eyes and his tangled hair
Mouth full of big talk and eyes full of despair
And blaming me as usual

Hush, wee baby, for your daddy's gone to bed
In the morn he'll not remember all the words he said
But his tongue was sharp and all the wounds they bled
But then I'm used to bleeding

Hush, wee baby, and close your weary eyes
Cuddle in to mammy and stop your tired wee cries
And in the morning when you decide to rise
Your mammy'll be here, waiting

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